jhenlee™ is committed to the cause of empowering women and extends an invitation to collaborate with others who also share in this cause.

Driven by their brand philosophy, jhenlee™ is keen to provide opportunities that extend support, create partnerships and collaborations, and jointly celebrate the shared movement of ‘womanlee™ empowerment’ through their business relationships.

Individuals, business owners, representatives of companies or organizations interested in working with jhenlee™ can apply through our online application process.

Our partnership structure and packages can be customised to suit your business or organization, all the while ensuring both parties commitment to the goal of empowering women.

jhenlee™, can assist you, your business or organization if you are:

  1. Seeking to reward your employees, customers, clients with a piece of jhenlee™ jewellery
  2. Creating fundraising opportunities
  3. Gifting members of a club/organization for membership
  4. Interested in commissioning a piece of jewellery designed specifically for your fundraising venture/ company
  5. Holding events for women and seeking raffle prizes
  6. Gifting clients for work on a project/participation in a course
  7. Styling for a photo shoot
  8. Interested in becoming a stockist

Have an idea that isn’t included? Please write to us and let us know through the link above.

I believe in supporting women striving for personal empowerment”
Lee-Anne D’Paul
Lee-Anne D’Pauljhenlee Founder & Head Designer


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