Founder Lee-Anne D’Paul

My name is Lee-Anne D’Paul and I am the founder and head designer of jhenlee™, a jewellery brand committed to empowering women. I know I am a dreamer and jhenlee™ has been my biggest dream to date. I am proud of the label that I represent, and from my heart to yours, I share with you my journey and the inspiration behind the brands development.

Like all big dream ventures, this has been a pouring of life experiences, stirred with some knowledge and allowed to grow and mature over my life time. And whilst I would have loved to have launched this brand 10 years ago, my heart had not experienced the range of emotions that would provide me the skills to draw upon to confidently and passionately see my vision through.

My vision for jhenlee™ is more than just creating a jewellery label – it is empowering women!  At different times in my life I have felt disempowered and each time it had a profound impact on my soul. I’m confident that my story is one that many women would share when I lost all confidence in myself despite my skills and education. What I know for sure is these experiences were pivotal to who I am today and became my turning points. I required support, strength, determination, and confidence to reconnect with who I was and what I stood for and valued. Over time, I learned to love myself again.

As my personal journey evolved and my mindset improved, I made a promise to myself that I was going to assist women using my own experiences to draw upon, providing valuable insight, strategies and mindset to move forward. Women should not feel a victim or powerless to do something about their circumstance and I knew I had to share, inspire, challenge, support, change, connect, motivate and empower women. And hence, through this process, jhenlee™ was born!

Creating jewellery that will resonate with women globally is my purpose as a designer. I incorporate symbolism into the designs and ranges, and link this to experiences associated with being a woman. My mission is to arouse in women a desire to stand tall, proud and comfortable in their own identity and spirit. That they wear the jewellery because ‘they are womanlee™’ and feel valued, nurtured, supported and confident to acknowledge and celebrate their life story.

I encourage authentic relationships with our jhenlee collective. Through various jhenlee social media platforms, communication and connections that offer support, inspiration and recognition for women to align with who they are and who they want to be.
Last but not least I wish to honour the ever changing and evolving development of a woman’s soul and being. My favourite quote exemplifies this:

“One is not born a woman, one becomes one”
Simone De Beauviour

I believe this and if you do to, join me in celebrating our womanlee™ journey together!

In womanlee spirit

Lee x

Lee-Anne D’Paul


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