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jhenlee™ is a recently launched Melbourne based jewellery label. The jhenlee™ brand philosophy is empowering women and this is showcased through the unique range of quality sterling silver jewellery using symbolism to represent the essence of being a woman.

The inspiration behind the brand’s identity is the curvaceous yet stunning logo of the female form. The label has evolved from the recognition that certain life circumstances and experiences can have a significant impact on womanlee™ principles, character and identity. As such, jhenlee™ designs celebrate women as multi-faceted beings, with many layers that contribute to their presence as women. It is this understanding that fuels their brand mission to connect with women and make a difference to women’s lives globally.

Lee-Anne D’Paul is the lead designer and founder of jhenlee™. Her vision and motivation is to create pieces that resonate with women and their personal stories. Jhenlee’s first collection –The Signature Medallion Range – embodies the brand’s strong foundation by empowering women to honour their womanlee™ journey and purpose. The phrase ‘because I am womanlee’, inspires and reminds the wearer to embrace her own story and provide her personal and meaningful association with this proud statement.

The name jhenlee™ is derived from the eastern European word jhena, which means woman, and Lee, as Lee-Anne is known to her friends and family. It is no accident that jhenlee™ equals womanlee™.

Distinctively the jhenlee™ brand embraces all things womanlee™ with the aim to acknowledge, compliment and celebrate this journey through its collections.


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